Kevin Costner plans to split his epic western into four films

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It’s been almost twenty years since Kevin Costner last directed a film, but he’s preparing to be behind the scenes. summer for a brand new western epic.

of Kevin Costner Horizon will “covers 15 years in the settlement of the western border of America and focuses on both the settlers and the indigenous groups who first occupied the land.Even the scattered nature of the story, it should come as no surprise that Kevin Costner wants to enhance the experience. It’s unclear whether the project will be shown in theaters, streaming or both, but Kevin Costner said Diversity that the western was originally sold as “TV movie about the event.

I’m happiest because at some point on TV – where you can get your biggest audience – they’ll be able to see it the way I intended to see it. Eventually it will be cut to [hour-long episodes] or 42 minutes – but the TV works. But their first viewing will be like four 2-hour and 45-minute movies. And one will come out every three months. If you are interested in these characters, the hope is that you will really want to watch the next one, but it will not be in time segments.

This is a really beautiful story; this is a difficult story“Costner added. “This really includes a lot of women, to be honest. There are a lot of men in it, too, but the women are really strong on Horizon. They are just trying to cope every day in an incredibly difficult world. They were often [dragged] in these places, because there the men wanted to go; the women followed their husbands. They did not want to be in these unsettled and dangerous territories and life was not easy. I chose to make sure that this is really obvious, that it is not easy and how vulnerable people are.

Horizon The shooting will start by the end of August with a shooting schedule of 220 days. The Western will be the first time Kevin Costner has directed a film since Open range it wasn’t until 2003. He also directed The postman and Dances with wolves, the last of which won him an Oscar for Best Director. Costner is currently filming fifth season on Yellowstone for Paramount +.

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