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Each of us can do more, “he once said in an interview with Kate Middleton who has always been concerned about early childhood development.

On Thursday, she once again proved that she is ready to help children not only in words but also in deeds: Duchess of Cambridge organized a round table for influential British politicians to discuss prospects for the development of education and social support for families with young children.

As a mother of three, Kate Middleton said more laws should be drafted to ensure the well-being of not only the children themselves, but also parents who devote all their free time to raising them, sometimes without have a sufficient level of income.

Last year, the Duchess of Cambridge personally inaugurated the Royal Foundation for Early Childhood Development. She called the purpose of its creation “raising awareness of why the first five years of a child’s life are so important for his future.

The Duchess of Cambridge believes that the state needs to invest more to ensure that society is happy and psychologically healthy.

Together with her, the Minister of Health and Human Services Sajid Javid and the Minister of Children and Families Will Ivins participated in the discussion of children’s issues.

During the meeting, Kate told how her foundation came up with statistics proving that more than 90% of British families recognize that young children need comprehensive development.

Middleton has called on the UK authorities to provide more funding to support needy parents and guardians who are limited in their ability to earn high incomes.

According to the publication, the round table focuses mainly on the results of the Center for Early Childhood of the Royal Foundation.

It has been found that 90% of people agree that the early years are important for shaping a child’s life, but less than 20% agree that the first five years after a child’s life are important for his or her outcome in life.

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