Judges reject efforts by Republican attorneys general to revive harmful “public prosecution” rule

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“While the battle is never over, immigrant communities in California and across the country need to rest a little easier tonight. said California Attorney General Rob Bonta. “The rule of public prosecution from the Trump era no longer exists. In court after court, we have prevailed over those who seek to tear us apart and deprive us of access to much-needed public programs. In California, we will not give up our efforts to protect the rights of all our citizens.

After a number of rulings of the lower courts against discriminatory policy, the Biden administration told the judges last year that the return rule, which seeks to facilitate it, is no longer protected to refuse green cards to working immigrant families. But the policy already had planned, dire consequences, even before it was officially implemented, with families withdrawal of children from food programs they fully met the conditions.

“The Biden administration repealed the rule and did it since new guidelines were announced”,“ Associated Press said. Bonta said the proposed rule isin accordance with applicable law and will support the efforts of the state to protect the health, safety, and well-being of immigrant families and all residents of the state. ”

“If judges had allowed these states to continue to defend Trump-era politics, it would have set a remarkable precedent for other nations to follow at the end of both this presidency and the future,” said a law professor at the University of Texas Steve Vladek he said CNN. “Although the court did not explicitly reject the efforts of the states, its summary procedural decision leaves intact the decision of the lower court, which did so – a precedent that will be relevant in the future.”

But Texas in particular was lucky enough to use the courts to sabotage the president. Texas Tribune reported in March that “most of the cases – and the victories – took place in Texas courts with judges appointed by former President Donald Trump, who appointed for 226 federal judges while in office, a number the former president boasted about. David Leopold, former president of the American Association of Immigration Lawyers, called it an “anti-immigrant court channel.”


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