John Snow’s spin is working for HBO

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It seems that HBO is heading north of the Wall, with THR revealing that Keith Harrington is committed to playing John Snow again in a Game of Thrones a spin-off centered around his character. Although this is not the first spin-off for the franchise (it would be The dragon housewhose premiere is August 21), this is the first Game of Thrones a series of sequels, although there is certainly potential for more.

When the series ended (in the final finale), the heroic John Snow was exiled north of the Wall and the show will probably focus on his adventures with Wildings. The potential for a show that is pleasing to the audience is there. One would assume that Snow’s favorite angry wolf, Ghost, will be seriously involved in the plot. Potentially Thormund by Christopher Hivu may also be involved. The possibilities are endless.

There is still no showrunner or creative team, as it is still in early development, but it can be assumed that everything will come together very quickly, given that Harrington has signed. John Snow Game of Thrones the sequel series could potentially be a huge source of money for HBO. They definitely double the fantastic universe of George R. R. Martin, which many other backgrounds under development.

While backstories are one thing, a series of Game of Thrones the sequels are different. When the show ended, it was obvious that the sequels would eventually happen as the door was left wide open. Very few favorite characters have died, so Macy Williams’ Arya, Sophie Turner’s Sansa and Gwendolyn Christie’s Brienne Tart are still there. Hell, even Peter Dinkledge could come back as Tyrion Lannister. Who knows?

But again, John Snow Game of Thrones the next series is still in early development, so things can change. However, I personally can’t wait to get back north of the Wall. Tell us in the comments if you agree!

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