John Oliver reveals the Trump coup wars he plans to steal in 2024

John Oliver has shed light on Trump-backed election deniers running for secretary of state across the country.


Oliver profiled three of the elections, denying Trump-backing candidates for secretary of state and saying: “These are just three of the worrying candidates for secretary of state. There are many, many others who, frankly, must pause everyone, because the Committee of 6 January reminds everyone how close we have been to the de facto collapse of democracy. There were a handful of people in the right positions who chose to do the right thing that saved us from a constitutional crisis, but there are many candidates fighting for subsequent positions at the moment on the platform. ”

Many of Trump’s candidates for secretary of state who support the coup will not win, but it will not take many victories for the supporters of the coup to eventually overthrow the system of presidential elections in the United States.

The Secretary of State is always one of those elections that most voters don’t know or don’t care much about, but 2022 is different. Voters need to know who America First’s candidates are and are voting against them.

Many of them are in red states. Some of them have already lost their primary elections, but enough of them are winning and advancing to the general election in November, where if they win, Trump’s coup troops as secretary of state pose a real threat to democracy.

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