Joe Rogan is watching the UFC event from an audience for the first time in two decades

For UFC fans, Joe Rogan is an integral part of the promotion that accompanies them through battles. Of course, there are cases when he is absent from his position for comment behind the table of speakers, but such events are usually due to other commitments. However, tonight at UFC Fight Night: Qatar vs. Emmett Rogan follows the action from the audience.

The popular media personality and UFC commentator posted a photo from the stands and said that for the first time in 20 years he was watching an event as a member of the audience:

“For the first time in the @ufc audience in 20 years! #ufcaustin ”

Joe Rogan worked for the UFC from 1997 to 1999. However, he left after his remuneration for the events was not enough to cover his expenses. After Zuffa took over UFC in 2001, Dana White persuaded Joe Rogan to rejoin the company in 2002.

Joe Rogan recalled his first time in the UFC

In the 1990s, the UFC was a tougher and rougher affair, with events taking place in unknown parts of the United States. The promotion didn’t pay much and was driven by the dedication of the fighters and staff, including Rogan.

During JRE MMA show episode with Juliana Pena, Rogan shared his experience working for the UFC as an interviewer behind the scenes. He admitted that he had to leave for financial reasons, as he earned more as a stand-up comedian:

“When I first started working for the UFC, I was on NewsRadio, the comedy series. I was flying in those devilish planes jumping in puddles. People acted like I was p * rn. They asked why you were doing this and I was like I loved him … There was something I was wondering if this was hurting my career. But I didn’t seem to care, I love doing it. It got to the point where it cost me too much money. I would make more money doing a standup on the weekends than with the UFC. So I gave up [around] 1997-98

Hear Joe Rogan talk about his early UFC experience below:

As mentioned earlier, Rogan and White became friends in 2001, which led to him standing behind a television desk a year later. Since then, Rogan has been the main voice of the promotion and has also become perhaps the largest podcast on the planet.

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