Jill and Jess Duggar describe the devastating “stress” of the Josh Molestation scandal in recently published legal documents

Jill and Jess Duggar revealed the painful details of the amount of “stress” they suffered when the scandal over the abuse of their brother Josh Duggar was uncovered.

As you may recall, in 2015, a police report leaked revealing that their father, Jim Bob Duggartold authorities that their brother had harassed five girls at the family home. Jill and Jess soon appeared as two of the five victims involved. Both, along with their sisters Ginger and Joy-Anna Duggar, later sue the city of Springdale, police officers and others for invading their private lives, claiming that the published police report had caused them emotional stress. However, the case was dismissed because the judge found that the brothers and sisters had failed to prove their case.

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Now, new information from the discontinued case and received from The sun. revealed the devastating effects the scandal had on them when it was uncovered years ago. Asked if Jill had suffered a “physical injury” since the report was published in testimony made on September 1, 2021, the 31-year-old explained:

“The stress of it all made me so stressed that I almost vomited a few times. And like, hair loss, and such stress, such things. “

While Jill did not seek medical help for any of her “physical” symptoms, the situation forced her to see a therapist, who said she thought it was “good for everyone.”

A few weeks later, Jessa also revealed the consequences of the published report, recalling how there were so many “negative emotions” and feeling almost like an old wound in the September 13, 2021 testimony:

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s like injuring yourself and bleeding and bandaging it. And you’re never the same, but you end up getting a scar. “

Although she never sought medical help or counseling like her sister, she eventually turned to her husband, Ben Seewaldinstead of support. Jessa said,

“I mean, if you call my husband a counselor. I must have cried from the bottom of my heart for him, and I stayed up many nights talking about things with him. But that’s the extent of it. “

Completely heartbreaking details from both Jill and Jess …

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