Jessica Chastain is the face of Gucci’s Garden of Delights’ high jewelry collection

IN Gucci the brand first considered launching high-end jewelry just a few years ago. Presenting Gucci’s third collection of high jewelry, creative director Alessandro Michele did not hide his admiration for the development of this segment of the brand:

“It was surprising how we entered the territory that belonged to the great jewelers, but we won the trust. That was something I wanted to do.

“I’ve always been obsessed with jewelry and felt the need to complete a collection of pieces that could belong to a hypothetical Gucci customer,” said the designer, casually wearing several rings and necklaces along the way.

Michele calls this branch of Gucci’s evolution an “unexpected business done with great passion.” I wanted to bring jewelry back to real life, living jewelry.

They are an integral part of our lives. That’s why I put them on models on the catwalk, and I wear them every day, in the office, for breakfast, on the street, “explained the creative director of the Italian fashion house.

By the way, Gucci decided on a kind of innovation – to demonstrate collections with high design jewelry on the catwalk along with ready-made clothes.

Alessandro Michele admits that it is difficult for a fashion brand that produces clothes and accessories to take its place in a purely conservative environment of high jewelry.

But Gucci relies on a network of artisans in major Italian jewelry centers, including Valenza. “This segment requires dedication and commitment and has different mechanisms and deadlines in its industry, but we are consistent.

This is not about merchandising, “emphasizes the fashion designer. The third collection, Hortus Deliciarum, or Garden of Delights in Latin, is amazing.

Her face is an actress and film producer Jessica Chastain which won Gucci at the Oscars last March, when she won the coveted Best Actress award for her performance in Tammy Faye’s Eyes.

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