Jess Duggar: I’m drinking now! And Jim Bob can’t do anything about it!

There was a time when Jim Bob Douger ruled his children with an iron fist.

For decades, Jim Bob’s word was law, and no one dared question his authority.

But those days are long gone.

IN Josh Duggar’s sex scandals caused several of Jim Bob’s children to question his wisdom, and some began to openly disregard the strict rules by which they were raised.

Confessional photo of Jim Bob Duggar

Nowadays, Ginger Duggar wears pants in defiance of Duggar’s notorious dress code.

In order not to be congested, disobedient Jill Duggar started drinking.

It was an even bigger deal than Ginger’s decision to buy a banned pair of Levi’s.

Jill Duggar with coffee

Jim Bob does not drink, and acquaintances say that he teaches his children that alcohol is an invention of the devil.

But Jill severed ties with her parents years ago, so JB was probably not too shocked to post photos of her and her husband, Derrick Dillard, showing off a few cocktails.

However, Jill’s younger sister Jess Duggar remained loyal to her parents during the family’s many scandals.

Jess Duggar is crazy

So you can imagine Jim Bob’s surprise when photos appeared that showed Jess enjoying a drink with her husband Ben Sivald.

The image below has sparked intense debate in Duggar’s focused social media corners.

The photo was originally posted by Jess and seems to show Ben enjoying an adult drink.

But is the scene more innocent than it seems?

Duggar’s observers are divided.

“Someone posted this on an FB group and asked if Ben drank alcohol? I personally bet it’s a virgin drink, but what do you think? one man asked at Reddit.

The new Ben Seewald

“This is very good. “Ben is too in love with koolaid to drink in public like that,” added another.

“Yes, I guess I will not be surprised if he drinks from time to time, but it will be hidden in his own kitchen after the children are in bed, if there is anything else,” said a third.

“I’ve seen two of his sisters with beer before. Perhaps? But yes, I’m still leaning towards soft drinks, “said a fourth.

Jess Sivald, Ben and children

“Judging by the small hands reaching out to him and his lack of concern, it’s probably just a big glass of orange juice,” said Fifth.

Yes, the most likely explanation here is that Ben was enjoying a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Of all of Duggar’s sons-in-law, few are so committed to the family’s challenging old-school belief system as Ben.

Ben Seewald: Only Jesus can make America great!

However, it is interesting that Jess and Ben would publish such a photo without clarifying that Ben’s drink does not contain alcohol.

Maybe this is a sign that they are not as worried about maintaining their appearance as before.

Or as Jim Bob would like them to be.

Ben and Jess Sivald on TLC

Yes, we doubt that Ben and Jess have gone so far as to start eating hooks in public without worrying about who sees them.

But it seems obvious that they are not as worried about Jim Bob’s approval as they once were.

And we are sure that Patriarch Duggar can feel the balance of power changing in his own family.

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