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Jennifer Lopez she looked beautiful as she talked to her fans on July 17 from the comfort of her “favorite place,” the bathtub. That’s right: the 51-year-old world superstar entered her Instagram Story to catch up with her fans and tell them about a new beauty product that appeared in her JLo Beauty line while she was soaking in a bubble bath. Jennifer started her video by noting that she has a “long day” and is “preparing for a show”, so she spends some time relaxing in the bathtub. The singer of “On The Floor” looked radiant and had flawless complexion while she burst out about the new one-night serum, which goes down on June 20, which promised fans it would be like “cleansing the face in a bottle” and would give them a gorgeous glow. Since the bubbles in the tub covered all the areas she didn’t want people to see, she concluded, “This is a seriously sexy science we’re trying to put together for you guys at JLo Beauty, so enjoy!”

Jennifer certainly enjoys a nice soak before every big event. Before present 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awardsof which she received the Generation Award, she published two photos of yourself in a bubble bath holds your phone. “Happiness is a long hot bubble bath (even if you need to call quickly!) I’ll see you later @MTV !!!!” she signed the post.

Jennifer gave an emotional speech after accepting her award, in which she reflected her impressive autobiography of film roles over her ten-year career and thanked everyone she interacted with along the way. “I watch these movies and I see all the wonderful people I’ve been blessed to know and work with. You are as good as the people you work with, and if you are lucky, they can make you better. And I was very lucky in that regard. ” born in the Bronx said. “As an actor, I’m not one of the women I’ve played, but there’s some of what’s deeply true of me in each of these characters,” she continued. She then went on to talk about the trials and tribulations of her career, mentioning various people and experiences that helped her become the actress she is today.

Jennifer’s nude video appeared just days after she spoke about it an examination she faces over her body type in the industry when it started. “When I started working, the ideal of beauty was very thin, blond, tall, without many curves,” J. Lo said in his Netflix documentary. Half time, which premiered on June 14. “I grew up around curvy women, so it was nothing I was ever ashamed of.” Although she feels comfortable in her own skin, she acknowledged that constant public criticism is not easy to accept. “It’s hard when you think people think you’re kidding. It’s like you’re a drummer, “she said.

Opening up to the general criticism he receives for every aspect of his life, the mother of two children He said: “I just had very low self-esteem. I really believed a lot of what they said, namely that I was not good. I wasn’t a good singer, I wasn’t a good actress, I wasn’t a good dancer, I wasn’t good at anything. I just didn’t even belong here. Why didn’t you just leave? “

Fortunately, Jennifer continued to cast doubt and is now considered a style icon. She has certainly come a long way since the first days of her award-winning career!

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