Jennifer Aniston denies the recipe for the salad she allegedly ate every day on the set of “Friends”

The actress believes that the recipe described there is very harmful to digestion and gives a real

In May this year, a video of a salad recipe she eats every day appeared on TikTok’s food blog and treated her colleagues to the set. Jennifer Aniston during the filming of the cult series Friends. The video quickly went viral and garnered millions of views.

Of course, the actress herself saw it, giving a rebuttal comment, telling Elle magazine that this salad looks very appetizing and similar to the one she cooked, but it’s not him. And Jennifer added that Hannah’s recipe is bad for digestion because it contains a lot of chickpeas.

Aniston’s original salad also contains chickpeas, but it is much smaller (about 250 grams). In addition, a snack that can replace the main course contains bulgur, cucumber, red onion, parsley, fresh mint, feta cheese and peeled pistachios.

The bulgur should be boiled and allowed to cool to room temperature, and all other ingredients are finely chopped, then mix everything without spices.

By the way, now on Hannah’s blog you can no longer find the recipe for Jennifer’s salad. The girl deleted it and generally became less active in maintaining a culinary page on all social networks, although after an interview with Aniston there were many more subscribers.

They are also an excellent source of fiber and protein, making them popular in a plant-based diet.

Although they can sometimes be difficult to digest, this does not exceed their nutritional value.

In the same interview, Aniston revealed that “one of the most important activities of his day” was his daily morning meditation practice.

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