Jeffrey Starr examines rumors of Kanye West’s affair in the Impaulsive podcast

Jeffrey Starr recently appeared as a guest on Logan Paul’s podcast, impulsive, where during their conversation he turned to some of drama and contradictions related to it in the past.

During the discussion, Paul raised a past dating rumor that Starr had an affair with Kanye West.

The makeup guru ruled out the allegations and replied, saying:

“Someone spread rumors about me and Kanye, didn’t they?” It was so stupid. “

The rumors came to light after the announcement of Kim and Kanye’s divorce, a few months before Starr suffered fatal accident in Wyoming.

Jeffrey Starr talks about his life dating in Impulsive podcast

When Logan Paul asked Starr about his life for meetings, asking him if he had to “work” to find meetings, makeup mogul answered with the words:

“After that (interview) we will show you my phone, you can see all your friends and rappers who write to me e ** king n * des. So no, I don’t have to do any work. So that’s when I choose to have fun, that are available. “

He added that he does not disclose or publicly disclose the names of their dates, which makes it convenient for people to go out with him. He said:

They can’t trust anyone, A-lists, rappers, they can’t trust anyone. They’re afraid of people shooting videos to get them out and doing all these things that I say to myself, “I’m not worried about any of this.”

When the conversation turned to Starr’s partners and Paul’s co-host Mike Milak asked Starr about his alleged rumors of meeting Kanye, he denied it, saying it was “false” and said:

“I guess it makes sense, I live in Wyoming, I live in Hiden Hills. We both live in the same area. This is how it is drawn.

The origins of rumors of meetings between Jeffrey Starr and Kanye West


The rumor started with the creator of TikTok Ava Louisealso known as The Toilet Girl, for trying to launch the Coronavirus Challenge, where she filmed herself licking the toilet seat of an airplane.

In January 2021, Louise posted a video on TikTok claiming:

“Kanye has connected with a very famous beauty guru, male beauty guru, many people on the stage have known him for some time. ”

She did not name anyone in her video, but liked a comment asking if Jeffrey Starr he was the beauty guru he meant.

It was supposed to be yes, and the news spread like wildfire. Initially, Star did not stop hearing, but later called it “weird” in an interview with US Weekly.

A few days later, one of Louise’s friends shared a screen recording in which she assumed that the rumor was created for influence and that there was no significant truth. The audio said:

“I made up this whole scandal, there’s literally not a shred of truth in what I said, I just tricked the whole world into talking about me again.”

Louise later turned to TikTok, asking people to stop “getting angry” and hating her for “the biggest internet scandal of 2021.” She asked Internet users to “calm down” as she created the video for fun.

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