Jed Duggar and Katie Nakatsu WERE AWAY for endangering the baby in a shocking photo

Jed Duggar and Katie Nakatsu are new parents.

The couple just they welcomed their first child last month, but unlike the Duggars of the past, they didn’t bombard their followers with adorable baby pictures.

Like the rest of the family, Jed and Katie maintain a much lower profile today.

The main reason for this, of course, is this Josh Duggar arrested on child pornography charges burned the last bits of the family’s healthy reputation to ashes.

Jed Duggar, Katie Nakatsu and Bebe

But Jed and Katie may have other reasons to get out of the spotlight.

Because if their latest activity on social media is an indication, they both have something to learn when it comes to parenting!

Truett “True” Oliver Duggar was born on May 2, and according to their YouTube page, Jed and Katie brought their family and friends to a late birthday party this week.

Jed was running a grill, and for some reason he decided to put his little son right under the fabrication, spewing flames and hot fat.

On Reddit, commentators were quick to point out, and it’s not surprising that Jed and Katie were heavily criticized.

“Everyone, why do they have this baby sitting under the grill?” One user asked.

“Also, the baby is almost touching / dangerously close to the propane tank,” wrote another person, adding:

“Jed also leans over the baby to reach the grill. Everyone who was around them that day obviously has no common sense not to correct where the baby is.

Yes, you don’t have to be Hank Hill to know that this is not proper propane safety!

Jed Duggar can't read a watch

In the past, Duggar’s parents have been criticized for everything from living too close to the highway to making their children go too far for Chick-Fil-A.

Criticism is often an exaggerated “trolling of concern,” in which commentators pretend to worry about children just to apologize for exploding parents.

In this case, however, the critics have a very valid position.

Jedidiah Duggar and Katey Nakatsu on Instagram

It would not be safe for older children to run so close to a hot grill.

And it is certainly not safe for the baby to sit right under it.

Fortunately, in later scenes from Jed and Katie’s YouTube video, the child was moved to a safer place.

Jed and Katie's honeymoon

So, did Jed and Katie come to their senses, or did someone tell them that putting a baby under the grill was a really, really bad idea?

Whatever the case, it seems that these newlyweds have something to learn in the parenting department.

Unfortunately, they may not have anyone in their lives to teach them the basics!

Jed Duggar and Katie Nakatsu together

It goes without saying that Jed’s parents are useless in this regard.

(After all, their eldest child grew up to be a serial sex offender.)

We don’t know much about Katie’s people – but they’re allowed to marry the crazy Dougger family, so maybe they’re not so great themselves!

Katie Nakatsu and Jed

It’s good that online detectives are keeping an eye on Baby True.

This child will need all the help he can get!

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