January 6 false conspiracy of “electors” related to Ron Johnson; the roughest Republican advertisement so far?

Hi, I’m a disgraceful bastard, Eric Grietens, and I’m here to encourage stolen valor and incite politically motivated violence.

In the news today: A commission elected by the House of Representatives to investigate Jan. 6 coup attempts today heard evidence of Republican attempts to place fake the counting of elections for several states in the hands of Vice President Mike Pence, which allows Pence to argue that the census for these states is “controversial.” The commission also heard Republican officials who refused to comply with Trump’s demands to change the total number of votes, as well as victims who received death threats after being nominated by the Trump team – with zero evidence – as members of the alleged election. conspiracy against him. And no, it is not yet clear why none of this has led to accusations from the Ministry of Justice.

In other news, brutal thug Eric Grittens, who is now trying to return after resigning as governor of Missouri amid a truly grotesque (criminal) scandal, has launched a full-arms ad announcing a “RINO hunting permit”. aimed at those of his party swimming ready to become violent traitors. It appears to have been specifically aimed at inciting violence. And even more revelations about the completely confusing reaction of law enforcement agencies during the massacre in Uwalde, Texas, show that the response was even worse than we thought – again.

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