Jan. A commission that threw a hammer at Trump’s coup strategist was worth the wait

Hershman first explained that his last conversation with Eastman was a day after the events of Jan. 6, was antagonistic. Hershman says he warned Eastman of his involvement in the coup and told him to find “a great criminal defense attorney, you’ll need it.”


Aguilar followed suit by sending an email from John Eastman to Rudy Giuliani asking Eastman to include his name on a pardon list. In fact, the download quote here was downloaded for the world to see: “Third, I decided I should be on the pardon list if it’s still in the works.”

The committee followed this with Eastman’s testimony before the committee, a section of a video that included him referring to the Fifth Amendment on each issue. Overall, according to the commission’s reports, Eastman has referred to Fifth at least 100 times, while what we can only imagine is a very expensive and sophisticated criminal lawyer sitting next to him. It’s inside writing.

The Ministry of Justice can say whatever it wants, but if its job is to investigate and prosecute criminals – especially criminals trying to overthrow the government – then this seems to be a set of revelations about smoking weapons. Perhaps the commission can get the wife of a certain Supreme Court judge and her emails and a campaign to put pressure on election officials and representatives in the hearing room. IN The Americans are clear that they want this investigation to get to the bottom of thingsand now it’s time for Attorney General Merrick Garland to make his appointment mean something.

It can be awful to watch someone metaphorically dig their own grave, but in this case you should enjoy it.

We are talking to expert Brandi Buchman about everything you need to know about January. 6 commission, hearings and investigation of Daily Kos’ The Brief podcast

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