It is reported that Google’s Pixel Watch will have a range of straps similar to Apple

Every modern smart watch that is worthwhile comes with removable straps. So it’s no surprise that Google is reportedly working on a number of strap options for its upcoming Pixel Watch. According to 9to5Googlethe company produces at least seven straps – including this one demonstrated during the I / O main report – when the smartwatch starts this fall.

So far, 9to5Google reports that Google is working on a Milanese-style mesh strap, two types of leather straps, a connection bracelet, a fabric strap and a silicone strap. It is also said to be working on an extensible option reminiscent of Apple’s Solo Loop. If it sounds like Google is taking a few pages out of Apple’s book, that’s right. We still don’t know most of the Pixel Watch’s specifications, but from what we do know, it’s clear that Google is trying to take the Apple Watch first. Offering such strap options plays a role in this strategy.

Watches – whether analog or smart – are an expression of personal style. Unless Google provides people with a wide variety of choices, the Pixel Watch will not reach a wider audience. The safest thing would be for Google to use a standard 20-22mm tape. This would at least reduce Google’s own weight and offer customers dozens of stylish options that can also be used with mechanical or analog watches.

Is this Pixel Watch or one of several other smart watches that look exactly the same? (This is a Pixel Watch)
Image: Google

However, this does not do that. As we saw in the drum in Google I / O, it chooses its own straps. So either Google is pretty confident in the design it offers … or we’re about to see some really ugly or uninspired smartwatch strips from people who you brought on Pixel 6 cases.

Manufacturers of smartwatches – including Apple – generally sniff it out when it comes to straps. As much as I love these gadgets, few of them are as attractive as their “stupider” counterparts. Fitbit’s Horween leather straps? I’m hesitant to call these skins. The 70s called and they would like Apple leather connection back. I don’t even want to talk about monsters that are perforated strips for smart watches. Silicone straps are functional for training, but are very suitable for formal occasions.

I would say that discerning Pixel Watch owners can turn to third-party accessory manufacturers, but using your own strap means this is not guaranteed. If you search on Amazon, third-party accessories for Google products are not full of stylish options. Probably because not many people buy enough Pixel devices (yet) to guarantee the investment. If you run a search on Amazon for Pixel phone cases, you will get approximately 7,000 results. Searching for a case for iPhone gives you over 100,000 results, while a case for Samsung Galaxy phone gives you over 80,000. It is worse for devices like Pixel Buds – 190 results to over 10,000 results for AirPods. The more options you have, the more likely customers are to find something that suits them. When there is a thin choice, end up with wounds in the eyes such as bag.

Ultimately, performance and Wear OS 3 will be the biggest factors in determining if a Pixel Watch is “good.” However, enough people need to think, “Yes, I’m going to pay first-class prices to put this on my wrist!” To make a difference. So it’s probably reasonable for Google to make sure that the straps it puts on at least match those of its competitors. This only guarantees that at least visually the Pixel Watch will not dazzle us either.

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