It is alleged that a Russian spy was arrested while trying to do an internship in The Hague

In addition to preventing Cherkasov from taking up the post at the ICC and sending him back to Brazil, Dutch intelligence also published his long and detailed cover-up story. IN four-page story, often known as the “legend” of a secret intelligence officer, details the background to Ferreira’s identity. “The threat from this intelligence officer is considered potentially very high,” an AVID statement said.

After the release of Ferreira, more clues emerged about his life undercover. The social media accounts belonging to Ferreira have been opened by Bellingcat Investigation Unitas well as a blog and online CV. He also studied at Trinity College Dublin and Johns Hopkins University. Eugene Finkel, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins who says he taught Ferreira, tweets“I wrote him a letter. Strong, actually. Yes me. I wrote a reference letter for a GRU officer. I will never overcome this fact. I hate everything about the GRU, him, this story. I’m so glad it was revealed. “

For years, it has been impossible to move backups to WhatsApp chats between Android and iOS, and vice versa. In August last year, WhatsApp announced that it was beginning to introduce the ability for people to move their data between iPhones and Android devices. Now, this week, the company, owned by Meta, says the backups will work in the other direction as well –from Android to iOS.

Intel and AMD processors are vulnerable to a new side channel attack called Hertzbleed. The attack could allow the theft of cryptographic keys and data, as reported by BleepingComputer and Dark reading. Hertzbleed works by using a common chip-saving power feature called dynamic frequency scaling (DVFS) that can allow an attacker to steal data. Changes in frequency in DVFS may be related to information processed by Intel chips he says in a blog post. However, neither Intel nor AMD seem to have any plans to address the issue. However, the risk for end users seems low at the moment. The team of researchers who discovered Hertzbleed, they say ordinary consumers probably don’t have to worry.

Since Covid-19 began to spread in early 2020, technological systems have been developed to try to control its spread. In China, a a system of mandatory health codes has been set up to monitor the health of people – people with a red code must isolate themselves, those with a green code have the right to move freely. These health codes are tied to people’s phones. Now, according to multiple reports, people in the Chinese province of Henan say their protest plans have been blocked as their health code has turned red. Several affected people say they have not been around anyone positively ill with Covid-19 and the change is an abuse of power by officials.

Mozilla web browser maybe he was fighting in recent years, but is still one of the most privacy-friendly browsers. The company said this week that Firefox includes its default cookie protection feature for everyone who uses the browser. All cookies stored on your computer will be available only to the website that placed them there, explains Mozilla in a blog post. “Instead of allowing trackers to link your behavior to multiple sites, they simply see the behavior of individual sites,” the company said, adding that this is “Firefox’s strongest privacy protection to date.”

In November 2021, the United States sanctioned the notorious Israeli spyware company NSO Group. Pegasus’ hacking tool has been used around the world for spying on journalists and activists. This week it became clear that the American defense company L3Harris is interested in buying the technology behind Pegasus, because Financial Times reports. Any purchase of the technology from an American company would potentially conflict with the Biden administration, which blacklisted the NSO. Talking about the potential deal, which is said to be at an early stage, has drawn criticism from the White House. “We are deeply concerned,” a senior official told Washington Post. They said the deal could cause security and counterintelligence problems for the United States.

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