Inner song by Kumi Kapoor: Nitish Kumar’s mockery of Amit Shah sends a clear message

Doubtful choice

Some suspect that the BJP’s surprise decision to nominate Ghanshyam Lodhi, rather than Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, as its candidate for the Rampur Lok Sabha by-elections, is part of a secret deal with former Rampur MP Azam Khan. Khan, the SP politician who resigned from parliament after winning the Rampur Assembly constituency from prison, was released on bail by the Supreme Court last month in 81 lawsuits filed against him by the government of yogis. The duplication of the central bill to the request for guarantee submitted by Kapil Sibal was rather weak. Lodhi, a former SP MLC, is a close associate of Khan and has described himself as his “Hanuman”. While Khan was in prison, Achilles Yadav never bothered to visit him. But after his release, Achilles sent a blank application form and asked Khan to fill in his chosen name to run for him. Achilles expected Khan to nominate his wife. Instead, Khan waited until the last minute before filling in the name of Asim Raza, president of the city of Rampur, considered a candidate for lack of brilliance.

Diplomatic departments

NSA’s Ajit Doval, not MEA, managed to soften the feelings of the Iranians, upset by Nupur Sharma’s verbal rocket. During the recent visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister to India, Doval assured the Minister that “anyone who speaks like this will be recommended a lesson.” While the Iranians welcomed the former police officer’s remark, the ANS neither confirmed nor denied the conversation. The MEA did not disclose details of the meeting, but denied reports that Nupur had been threatened, saying the foreign ministry had removed the alleged remark from its official website. But the statement remains on the website of Iran’s official news agency.

Boiling CM

The constant controversy of Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar over BJP’s policies is a deliberate strategy. He recently scoffed at Amit Shah’s statement that history should be rewritten, noting sarcastically: “How can anyone change history?” When two top BJP ministers met with Nitish, he announced that he was busy, stating that he would speak only at the Amit Shah level. Nitish knows that the numbers are in his favor. Whom he joins, he receives a majority in the assembly. One speculation is that Nitis hopes to make a deal with Tejaswi Yadav, as part of which Nitis will continue as prime minister until the 2024 elections, after which he will step down to make way for Lalu Prasad’s son.

Contested questionnaire

Although it is rumored that Kiran Chaudhari was the second MLA congress, along with Kuldip Bishnoi, who allegedly sabotaged Ajay Maken’s chances of being elected Raja Sabha, she flatly denied it. Banshee Lal’s fierce daughter-in-law, like many members of Haryana’s Congress, was outraged by the appointment of Lieutenant Hood as president of the state party in place of the friendly and popular Kumari Selja, but that did not mean she became a dissident. The annulled ballot marked the candidate’s name instead of the intended vertical line, and Chaudhari, an experienced veteran who had voted in six previous Raja Sabha polls, would not normally have made such an obvious flagrant mistake. Chaudhary’s argument is that the ballot is a secret, so how could anyone claim to have seen it? By the way, the winner, media owner Kartikeya Sharma, is linked to his marriage to Ajay Maken, and the joke surrounding the victory he stole from Maken inevitably revolved around the Maken Chor. Priyanka Vadra is doubly annoyed by Hudas. Not only did they assure Gandhi that Macken would win easily, but Dipendra Huda, after counting three-quarters of the ballots, walked out of the counting center to triumphantly declare that Congress had won, leading to the first fake news.

Left high and dry

Ever since the government indirectly took over the management of the Gymkhana club in Delhi, things have been going well. The most rude of all was a letter last week from the current nominated six-member general commission declaring that all spouses of deceased members will not be allowed to use the club’s facilities from July 1. Numerous elderly spouses of deceased members have been using the club as their second home for years and are completely dependent on the club’s food establishments. The exclusion of widows who hold cards for legitimate wives is contrary to the club’s bylaws.

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