In two sentences, Lindsay Graham explains the difference between Republicans and Democrats

On the podium, Graham made it clear what he really lacked about Trump – the harassment. “Do you know what I like about Trump?” Graham asks the audience before answering. “Everyone was afraid of him.” He then waits – and collects – applause for this insight before jumping to express how horrible he was at his own leader.


That’s right. Everyone was afraid of Trump. I woke up every morning worried that he might launch a military attack to distract from his latest scandal, or destroy a diplomatic alliance to fit into a distorted story, or point to a group of Americans as a source of all the evils of the nation, or destroy the environment simply because it could. There were good reasons to be afraid of all these things. Because it all happened.

Trump was and is an unstable, illogical identification whose hysterics often call on his followers to abuse anyone he considers a critic. He is a man who believes that his ability to hate strongly is his best quality. He may even be right.

The difference is … Republicans like it. They like to be afraid. They want this bully on the pulpit for bullies. They want a “strong man” to tell them what to do, to shout at anyone who deviates from the course, and to threaten anyone who refuses to accept the fascist current. They do not want to deal with facts and reason, much less with justice and fairness.

Republicans like to be afraid of Trump. No wonder they always make pictures and posters in which Trump is some kind of muscular action hero. Because to admit that they like being harassed by the current Trump … is just a pity.

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