“I chose to have an abortion,” New York AG told election protesters: “I do not apologize.”

In 2013, James, 63, was elected New York City’s advocate– The first colored woman to occupy an office in the whole city. A Democrat, she became the state’s 67th attorney general in 2018, making her the first woman and the first colored woman to hold the post.

“As a former member of the city council, many moons ago, I came to this issue in a very personal way. I was in this place, I had just been elected, and I was faced with the decision of whether or not to have an abortion. And I chose to have an abortion and I proudly joined Planned Parenthood, “said James.

“And I’m not apologizing to anyone. To nobody. And all of you also know that I am a woman of faith, I go to church. But my God teaches me everything about love and acceptance. And my God teaches me privacy. And my God says you have to make the best decisions for your body and your life, “she added.


IN The Associated Press reports that James has advocated for funding to help provide abortion care for people in need, and has recently joined other attorneys general in filing letters against states with restrictive abortion laws.

“I will not allow Judge Alito or another Supreme Court judge to dictate to me or you how to use your body. I will not allow Judge Alito to dictate my future, my destiny. “It’s not in the hands of the United States Supreme Court, it’s in our hands,” James said.

IN Draft opinion of 98 pages is a provocative indictment against the 1973 decision promising federal protection for abortion. “deer he was extremely wrong from the beginning, “Alito wrote. “It simply came to our notice then deer and Casey it must be repealed … It is time to listen to the Constitution and return the issue of abortion to MPs.

If all this is not enough, Alito is turning to the role of white savior, in fact trying to prove that the abolition of reproductive rights is in some way in line with the fight against racism –even quoting the same misrepresented statistics used by election activists advocating for eugenics.

In another passage, Alito writes that societal norms about pregnancy, when parents are not married, have changed dramatically from Roe v. Wade was accepted and claims that there is now a greater demand for adoption.

The number of adoptions is actually declining. Creating family reports that the number of children adopted through public care for children is 57,881 in 2020.

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