“I can’t confirm or deny this, he’s definitely a candidate.”

There are rumors that LA Lakers will rent Rashid Wallace as part of the coaching staff.

The Lakers are undergoing a major restructuring after their terrible 2021-22 campaign. They finished out of the playoffs, although they put together a team specifically to fight for the title.

Immediately after the end of their season, they fired Frank Vogel from his duties as head coach. Shortly afterwards, they signed with former Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Darwin Ham to lead the team.

There will be many changes as the LA Lakers strive to put together a team that can compete at the highest level. Although some staff members and players will remain, some are already being replaced.

Hamm was a recent guest on the Rich Eisen Show, and he answered several questions about the direction the Lakers are heading. However, he chose not to give a definite answer when asked about the possibility of Wallace entering as an assistant coach.

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“I can’t confirm or deny that. He’s definitely a candidate, but I’ll tell you.”

Much has been done in recent years about the composition of #LakeShow Coaching staff – the new HC Darwin Hamm about who has the last word and will Rashid Wallace be one of them, as they say?#NBA https://t.co/lQq4HHxUCI

The LA Lakers will certainly benefit from Wallace’s arrival. The former NBA champion has great basketball knowledge that he can share with young players.

Kevin Garnett believes Wallace will help Anthony Davis reach new heights. The Lakers’ big man has been accused of losing interest in basketball after winning the 2020 championship.

Davis was also targeted by fans after he said he last picked up a basketball on April 5th.

Given how badly he shot the ball last season, fans are urging him to work this off-season.

The LA Lakers are vying for the title in 2023

(LR) LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook of LA Lakers
(LR) LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook of LA Lakers

The LA Lakers are a legendary franchise and will never miss the opportunity to compete for the title. Sure, they’ve had bad spells in the 21st century, but they hope they don’t reach such low levels in the future.

S LeBron James there is always a chance to win on your team and the Lakers know that. Therefore, they will seek to take advantage of his last year, except for the renewal of the contract.

List of points for all times of the NBA: 1. Karim Abdul-Jabar 2. LeBron James https://t.co/QBPsTHu38e

James has also said he will not miss the playoffs for the rest of his career. The Lakers captain is closely following the post-season and is upset that he is not participating.

The LA Lakers have to do a lot to be considered contenders for the championship. Although fans insisted on a Russell Westbrook trade, the chances of that happening are dwindling with each passing day.

The Lakers will have to figure out how to move forward with the Big 3 intact. Staying healthy with Davis is a big key to their success in the 2022-23 season.

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