Hunting Huggin ‘Molly – Hunting the Haunted

New episode of the video series Ghost hunting it has just been released via the Paranormal Network’s YouTube channel, and in this one we look at the story of a monster that is said to give away free hugs of a deadly variety. This creature is called Huggin ‘Molly and you can hear all about him in the video embedded above!

Ghost hunting is a monthly survey of

alleged paranormal activity organized by investigators and researchers Jason Hewlett and Peter Wren. The two combine their knowledge of ghosts and paranormal investigation with well-known and lesser-known reports of people, places and things that are inhabited by ghosts. The show dissects everything from The Amityville Haunting and The Enfield Poltergeist to the cases Peter has investigated in his 27 years in the field. Jason and Peter also touch on other aspects of the paranormal, including equipment, fraud, and natural explanations for alleged activity.

The show was edited by Jason D. Morris. This episode was written by Jason Hewlett. Ghost hunting was produced by Jason Hewlett and executive producer by Berge Garabedyan.

What do you think of this episode Ghost hunting? Have you heard the story about Huggin ‘Molly before? Share your thoughts on this by leaving a comment below.

Several of the previous episodes of Ghost hunting can be seen below. This is one of the few shows we have The paranormal YouTube channelwhich is dedicated to things like UFOs, ghosts and cryptids. Other series out there include The Bigfoot Show, Ghostbusters, Mysteries, We Want to Believe, Endless Rabbit Hole, UFO Incidents, and The UFO show. To see more, go to YouTube, watch the channel and subscribe while you’re there! You can read more about the channel at THIS LINK.

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