How to start PugetBench for Photoshop

Puget Systems offers a number of different benchmarks to test your computer with automated real-world tasks in Adobe Creative Cloud. Some of them (e.g. the one for Premiere Pro) are somewhat complex and may take some time to get started. But one of them – PugetBench for Photoshop – is very simple.

PugetBench for Photoshop measures how quickly your computer can perform a variety of tasks, including refining masks and gradients, as well as filtering tasks such as lens correction and noise reduction. Unlike some of Puget’s other benchmarks, the Photoshop benchmark requires only one quick setup plugin.

Note: This benchmark is not yet supported for the M1 native version of Photoshop.

  • In the Creative Cloud Desktop app, go to Stocks and Market> Plugins.
  • I’m looking for PugetBench for Photoshop and click Install. Make sure you close Photoshop before installing the plug-in.
  • Once the plugin is installed, open Photoshop.
  • Go to Window> Extensions> PugetBench for Photoshop. Enter your license code (if you have one) in the pop-up window and configure any other settings you want.
  • Click Run the Benchmark.

PugetBench will take it from here. Make sure you do not move the mouse while it is running.

Screenshot of a user choosing the PugetBench extension for Photoshop in Photoshop.

Here is the menu.

Screenshot of PugetBench for Photoshop running in Photoshop.

And here’s what it looks like while working.

Once the benchmark is complete, your results will be displayed in the PugetBench window. They will also be uploaded to the public PugetBench database (unless you have a paid version). On this page you can compare your results with those received by other computers. Each system has an overall result, as well as specific GPU results and filtering tasks.

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