How to see who is following you on Facebook

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Facebook allows you to see the list of people who follow you on this platform. These people are not necessarily your friends, but they have chosen to follow your posts on their news feed. We’ll show you how to check this list on both your desktop and mobile phone.

Remember that if you do not allow people to follow you your Facebook privacy settings, you will not see the option to view your followers. You may also not see followers if you are new to the platform, as you have not had time to develop followers.

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See who’s following you on Facebook on a desktop computer

To check your desktop followers list, first launch a web browser on your computer and open Facebook site. Then log in to your account on the site.

In the upper left corner of Facebook, click on your account icon, followed by your account name.

Choose your profile.

On the profile page, in the list of tabs below your name, click Friends.

Access to "Followers" section.

In the “Friends” section, click the “Followers” tab.

Open up "Followers" section.

You will now see a list of people who follow you on Facebook. These people may not necessarily be your Facebook friends, because following someone doesn’t require you to befriend them.

List of Facebook followers on the desktop.

So you know who likes to view your posts on their Facebook news feed.

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Check your Facebook followers list on mobile

To see your mobile followers, first launch the Facebook app on your phone. In the upper right corner of the app, tap your account icon.

On the Menu page that opens, tap your profile.

Select an account.

Scroll down the profile page and tap “View information for your information”.

Tap "See your information for information."

Scroll down the About page to the bottom. There, next to Followers, tap View All.

Choose "See everyone" to "Followers."

You will reach the Followers page, which lists all the people who follow you on Facebook.

List of followers on Facebook on a mobile phone.

Once you know who’s following you, you can follow them back (if their privacy settings allow) or even add them as a friend if you know them personally. And that’s all.

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