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The sun is setting behind Costco.
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Costco has something to take. From large quantities of groceries to sofas to the restaurant, navigating the store becomes difficult. However, if you are looking for deals, there is an easy way to find them.

Costco items ending in 0.97 are on sale.

Costco does not usually advertise how much its prices have been reduced. You will not find a sign on most retailer labels that reveals the old price. .97 is the way to know you will be getting a discount.

According to Costco.97, a transaction-based blog, these sales prices are created by the management of individual stores. Seasonal and low-selling items are more likely to be reduced to reduce inventory. However, price is not the only sign that you can save money.

The label also has a date code in the lower right corner. If the date is a few weeks and you still see enough product on the shelf, the price can be reduced further. It may be worth waiting to buy only if there is a second discount.

If you are loyal wholesale buyer and strive to get the best result for your money, paying attention to your Costco labels is a must.

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