How to find altitude in Google Maps

Contour topographic map showing elevation.
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If you go hiking or are just interested in the altitude of a particular place, Google Maps makes it easy find the height for most places. Here’s how to use this feature on your desktop and mobile phone.

Note: Google Maps does not show altitude for all locations. Most altitude data are for natural places.

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Find altitude in Google Maps for mobile

If you use a mobile phone, use the Google Maps app for check the altitude of a place.

To do this, first open the Google Maps application on your phone. At the top of the app, tap the “Search here” box and type the name of the place, then press Enter.

Enter a location in "Search here" box.

Once you see your location on the map, tap the Layers option to the right of the map.

In the menu that opens, select “Terrain” from the “Map type” section. Then tap the “X” in the upper right corner.

Choose "Terrain" and tap "H."

The appearance of your map will change to the terrain view. Here, take a closer look at your place on the map and you will find the altitude written there.

Location on Google Maps on mobile.

To get a better view of the altitude numbers, zoom in a little, but don’t do it too much or the altitude numbers will disappear.

So you know how high a place is with Google Maps !.

Find altitude in Google Maps on a desktop computer

On a desktop computer, use the Google Maps website to find the altitude of a place.

To do this, first open a web browser on your computer and start Google Maps site. In the upper left corner of the site, click the “Search Google Maps” box and enter the address of your location. Then select this place in the search results.

Search and select a location.

Once your location appears on the map, then click the Layers option in the lower left corner of the map.

Choose "Layers" on the bottom.

In the advanced menu, click Terrain.

Choose "Terrain."

You will now see your map in the field view. Increase your space and you will find some numbers written there. These numbers represent the altitude of this particular place.

Altitude in place on Google Maps on a desktop computer.

Make sure you do not increase too much, otherwise the altitude numbers will disappear.

And that’s all.

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