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Your coffee starts to have a funny taste and it emits a strange smell of burns. No, you don’t need a new pot, but you probably need to clean it.

In fact, you have to be cleaning the coffee pot daily and deep cleaning every month.

Now we know a daily cleaning sounds like a lot, especially when you’re just trying to get your caffeine and get to work. However, we are not talking about complete cleaning. After cooking, remove and rinse the cooking basket, wipe the lid and clean the carafe.

When it comes to deeper cleansing, you have to be conducting them every month. Your coffee machine can accommodate some nasty things. Yeast and mold can grow in the tank, and limescale can accumulate inside, changing taste of coffee.

Although it may seem time consuming to clean deeply, it is not. You can do this through a process called descaling.

Add equal parts water and vinegar to the tank of your pot and start the cooking cycle. When you are finished, repeat this step. Clean the moving parts, such as the cooking basket and the carafe, and then reassemble the machine. Finally, you will want to run a few cycles of plain water to eliminate the taste of vinegar.

By making sure your coffee machine is clean, you can get it the best possible drinkIsn’t that what all coffee lovers want?

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