How Matthew Fox was lured by “Retirement” to head “Last Light”

More than a decade after the end of “Lost”, actor Matthew Fox is back on television with an apocalyptic thriller “Last light“Which world premiere was on Friday at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

The show, which will be broadcast on Peacock and is produced by MGM Intl. TV Productions predicts a society in chaos when oil supplies are threatened. Fox plays one of the world’s leading petrochemical engineers, while Joan Frogat of Abbey Downton plays his wife. Among the wider crisis is a battle to save their family.

At a press conference in Monte Carlo on Saturday, Fox spoke about his break from business. Since “Lost” ended in 2010, he has not appeared in another TV series and after a series of films, including “World War Z”, “Extinction” and finally, “Bone Tomahawk”, which he shot in 2014, he did not act at all.

“I had a list of things on my mind that I wanted to achieve in business, and after I did Bone Tomahawk in 2014, it kind of ended the list,” he said. “I wanted to make a western. It’s a very strange western, but it’s a western. And so this species ended the bucket list.

He added: “At that time in my life, our children were at an age where I felt I really needed to get involved again. I’ve been focused on working for a while and [my wife] Margarita ran the family so beautifully, but I felt it was time to go home and I really felt like I was retiring from business and working on other creative elements that were really personal to me – a little music and writing. ”

The proposal to join Last Light as a star and executive producer changed that. “I got to the point where I thought maybe the list included executive producers,” he said. “I have never done this before. The opportunity to participate in “Last Light” appeared, so I wanted to try. And it felt like a good time. “

Fox had previously worked with Last Light director Danny Gordon on “Party of Five,” which facilitated the decision. “It simply came to our notice then. I felt it was time to jump in again and see what it felt like to be on camera again and act again. And it was surprisingly rewarding. And I felt really good doing it, and with this amazing group of people, and the aspect of collaboration, and how well we all connected, how much we believed in the project. And it turned out to be a fantastic experience. “

Fox says the stunt work in the film was a challenge. “I had a lot of moments when I thought, ‘You know, I had to get in a little better shape for that,'” he said. His character’s game also requires subtlety to reveal his true nature. It was “a little mysterious” what was happening to him, he said, and it was “like revealing… Something like an onion peeling back.”

Fox had several difficult years in 2011 and 2012, as he admitted in interview with Ellen in October 2012, related to an alleged incident in Cleveland, Ohio, and the lawsuits that followed. Adding fuel to the fire was an incendiary tweet from Dominic Monaghan, another former member of the Lost cast. Fox stubbornly and repeatedly denied the allegations against him.

Fox has lived a calmer life since then and may have been nervous about returning to battle, but he felt ready to re-engage with television. “I just spent seven years living my life with my family and chasing things that excite me,” he said, “but storytelling is in my DNA somehow, and I felt that this form of storytelling was something I wanted to get involved again and see how I felt. And I’m really happy that I did it – it was good. “

Gordon added: “I will just say that it was not an easy feat to get Matthew out of retirement and it took a project of this caliber, this cast and this important story to literally entice him because he has a beautiful life with his wife and children. . And it was not easy to lure him. But we felt so privileged that we took him off the couch.

Since Fox and Gordon worked together on “Party of Five” at the beginning of his career, his approach to acting has evolved. “I think at that time I approached work in a very different way. So I think it was probably not such a shared experience at the time, because I was pretty wary of it all.

He added: “But this experience was very shared. And it was great. And we had this monstrous story to try to put together and try to follow this character through this rainbow in five episodes. ”

He admits that streaming “has opened up a whole new area that requires only five chapters.” He expanded: “It’s too much of a story to tell in a movie, but it’s not enough of a story to tell even in a series of 10 episodes. And I think it’s really good for television, because one of the things I’ve been disappointed with in the past is that you have these rooms that run a little longer than they should be, right, and the audience feels when something happens stretches thinly. ”

He continued: “So streaming moves us in the direction that stories are told exactly at the time they need to be told, and this will always be a very useful thing for storytelling.”

Gordon added: “I would add this by saying that we were babies when we did Party of Five, absolute babies. And in those days, television shows were filmed mostly on sound stages. In this new era of the rise of fantastic streaming material around the world, audience expectations are extremely high.

“So, we are required to deliver not ordinary television, but exclusive television. And that’s why it was important to go on site, to have exceptional locations, to give it global reach. We tell a global story. And this production value was very important for all of us to pass on our history through filmmaking techniques as much as possible.

I think in the new era of television the bar is very high and we see it internationally all over the world, things that are done everywhere – “Tehran”, you know, so many fantastic series that we love in America that have made on foreign soil. So I think it’s a great time for all of us to be in this business. “

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