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Thanks a lot Part of the cult of fossil fuel-obstructive obstructionism, we are on track to exceed the 1.5-degree Celsius global warming threshold set out in the Paris Agreement of 2016. Without much change, we can expect “more melting ice, more -high sea level, more heat waves and other extreme weather conditions “, according to the World Meteorological Organization. And this will be just the beginning.

The scientific community has clarified its demands, but emissions continue to rise, politicians are not acting, and the oil industry is getting richer. All of this is terribly disturbing, so I doubt you’ll accuse me of saying, “How doomed are we?” As I sat down with renowned climate expert William Collins. TC sessions: Climate.

Collins answered my question with nuance. “I think we’re starting to see governments start to take climate change quite seriously,” he said, pointing us to national and international assessments that are deepening in this topic.

Collins runs Berkeley Lab’s Department of Climate and Ecosystem Sciences and is Carbon-negative initiative. He is also the lead author of several assessments by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). (Full video of the included session below.)

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