“He is not a 100% fit player” – the doctor of the Egyptian team confirms that Mohamed Salah played with an injury during the final of the Champions League in Liverpool

Mohammed Salah play the UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid with an injury last month. This is according to the doctor of the Egyptian team Mohamed Abu Ella, who claims that the striker was not fit when he joined the team of Jurgen Klopp at the “Stade de France”.

According to the doctor of the national team Mohamed Salah took the blow during the final clash of the FA Cup with Chelsea on May 14, which Liverpool won on penalties. It is worth noting that the striker played only 33 minutes of the draw before giving way to Diogo Jota after the mistake.

“Salah’s injury occurred during the FA Cup final in adductor muscles,” said Mohammed Abu Ella. On Time Sports. “Then he played against the Wolves in the Champions League final, and all in just 14 days. We read statistics that he is the second highest player in terms of minutes played this season.”

Despite the failure, Mohamed Salah managed to play all 90 minutes of the final clash of the Liverpool Champions League with Real Madrid. Perhaps because of his fitness problems, the Egyptian was not at his usual sharp level at the door. He could not find the back of the net and could not help, as the Reds were defeated 1-0 at the Stade de France.

Mohammed Abu Ella also revealed that the striker insisted on participating in the game. He continued:

“We send and receive players with medical reports and Liverpool said he was in pain and had to have an X-ray, he is not a 100% fit player, but there is the question of whether he can push and play without risk.

He added:

“The club thought one match was enough and we chose the match with Guinea because the second against Ethiopia would be difficult for him to travel on a long flight. He could not play another match in three days.”

What does the future of the Egyptian expect?
What does the future of the Egyptian expect?

Mohamed Salah’s future in Liverpool is still in doubt

The Egyptian continues to oppose the Reds because of his commitment to a new contract. It is believed that both sides have yet to reach an agreement on the player’s salary claims.

There is now a good chance that Mohamed Salah will part with the Reds soon, as the last year of his contract with the club is approaching. It remains to be seen what will happen in the coming months.

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