Hailey Bieber launches skincare line

model Hailey Bieber launched a skin care line. Glamor writes about it.

The brand was called Rhode Skin. So far, the brand has only three products in its range: moisturizer, skin radiance fluid and lip balm. The packaging of the cosmetics is minimalist, and each product costs about $ 30.

“I wanted only the most necessary things. It’s like having a wardrobe – you have the perfect jeans and the perfect t-shirt. It’s the same with skin care: you have the perfect moisturizer you’re loyal to because it’s proven, it’s great, it does exactly what you want it to do, “Hailey Bieber told Glamor.

The unofficial mascot of the Rhode Skin brand was a donut with glaze: announcing the launch of the cosmetics line, Hailey Bieber posted selfies on the social network and added emoji with a donut to the signature, which later appeared under all publications about the brand.

“When it comes to skin care, you equate it with something appetizing. For me, it has always been a fresh donut with glaze. I want my whole body to be like a glazed donut, delicious from head to toe,” said the model.

Meanwhile, there is much more than what the 25-year-old Bieber is doing behind the scenes with her brand new one. Not only is the packaging made from recyclable material after consumption, but fans can send back at least three blank items to the recycling company, with a free shipping label on them and their next order. Up to 10% discount.

Bieber also returned by launching the Rhode Futures Foundation and committed to investing and supporting 1,000 women and their families by 2023.

“We are partnering with three organizations that provide women, especially women of color, with the resources they need for their future: the Action Opportunity Fund, the Black Moms Meter Alliance and the LIFT Family Fund. They promise at least 1% of sales to support the women they serve, “the website said.

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