GOP spokeswoman Marjorie Taylor Green blew up DOJ after a high-ranking Democrat official was repeatedly caught by a camera that vandalized her office (VIDEO)

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green criticized the Justice Department and the “two-tier judiciary,” which is easily targeted at Republicans but refused to prosecute a senior Democrat official who was repeatedly caught on camera vandalizing her office.

The American people can no longer trust the judiciary, Green warned in a speech to the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

“For us to have a justice system that is fair and good and that the American people can trust, it must be a judiciary that prosecutes crime just because it is a crime, not on the basis of a political party; it is not based on whether it coincides with the ideas or policies they agree with, or on the president who is in the White House or any Speaker of the House, or whoever is in charge, ”the congresswoman from Georgia scolded. “It must matter that this is a crime and they must prosecute these crimes. Unfortunately, this is not happening. “


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Like Gateway Pundit reported, footage from the observation shows Timothy Hisham, a representative of the Democrats from Massachusetts. Chief of Staff Jake Aucinclos damaged posters outside Green’s office on March 10, including one reading “There are only two genders, male and female.”

Hysom, who previously worked for Rep. Adam Schiff plastered the walls in front of Green’s office with strange signs mocking Christianity, including flyers containing Bible verses and pictures of Jesus.

One of the leaflets depicting Jesus included a caption: “I never knew you, MTG. Love (heart) God. Matthew 7:21 – 13. ”

After Hisham damaged Green’s official property, a “be on the alert” was issued around the Capitol throughout the department, and Capitol Hill police confronted Democrat officials.

While law enforcement officials were on the alert for the suspects, the Auchincloss chief of staff continued to distort more posters outside Green’s office.

He slipped through Green’s office and pasted another ominous sign on the wall, warning: “True disciples of Christ do not say the things you say, act the way you act, and treat people the way you treat them.” to the people. “

Minutes later, Hizham clashed with Capitol Hill police.

“On Friday, March 11, 2022, based on BOLO, the defendant was stopped by LHOB officers around 6:10 p.m. and identified as HYSOM Timothy,” police report countries.

The report also shows that Hisham admitted to damaging seven posters in front of Green’s office in the Longworth House office building between January and March, and police installed security cameras after the first five incidents.

“Based on the above, your partner is convinced that the defendant, Timothy Dwayne Hisom … violated DC Code § 22-3312.01 Impairment of public or private property”, document countries.

Although he was caught on camera vandalizing the property of the federal legislature’s office, Hysom was not charged after being confronted by Capitol Hill police.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office, which has been prosecuting prosecutors since Jan. 6, told Green’s office that it has refused to prosecute Hisom because “it does not believe a federal judge will allow the case to continue,” Just The News reports.

It is clear that the Department of Justice is not persecuting Democrats, but they will throw the book against Republicans and conservatives.

Green said he feared for his safety after harassment, while a Democrat official who has not yet been fired as law enforcement officials closed his eyes.

“This is a man I don’t know. He doesn’t know me. Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t know who he was. For a while, I was in my office building many times late at night. But I no longer go there alone because of this man here. I don’t know if he’s one of the death threats that came to my office. I don’t know if he’s one of those people who sends me disgusting, horrible things to my office. “I don’t know what else he would do because he feels he is above the law and flawless,” she said. “I also don’t understand why his boss, rap. Jake Austinklos, he’s still at work, because I’ll tell you right away if anyone in my office – if any of my staff – does what he did to another member of Congress, he’ll be fired. And my staff would never do that.

Green drew attention to an incident in 2017 when Hysom prosecuted and called for the arrest of a man who took down a flag of gay pride standing in the republic. Adam Lowenthal’s office, where Hisom previously worked as chief of staff. The man was arrested and Lowenthal officials filed charges.

“Capitol police briefly detained the man, but ruled he had not broken any laws or regulations. Later, they changed their tune and told Lowenthal staff that there was were laws that have been violated. But by then it was too late: the man was gone, Hisom he said Metro Weekly after the unveiling.

“It’s not like a low-level employee. This is not an intern. This is a chief of staff who has had a lot of careers here working in this institution, who knows better, “Green continued. “Tim Hisham, the chief of staff at Jake Aucinclos’s office who was harassing me, was so offended by this action that he and the other officers chased the man down the hall. They wanted the Capitol police to arrest and pursue him. They wanted to pursue him. However, Jake Austinklos, Chief of Staff, feels that he is completely above the law, and he feels and says that my sign that there are only two sexes, a man and a woman – he says that this is a statement of “hatred”. and therefore he has the right to attack me for it. This is complete hypocrisy.

“Why is my faith under attack? Why is Christianity under attack? Why do I believe in protecting the privacy rights of women and girls and sport – why is this wrong, but it is still good for him to defend the flag of pride and get angry and upset and want to arrest and persecute someone when he attacks? Two-tier judicial system.

Auchincloss spokesman Matt Corridoni issued a statement justifying Hysom’s criminal activity, arguing that Green’s claim that he has only two sexes is “harassment.”

“It is certainly not part of the members’ representative duty to print signs – at the expense of taxpayers – whose sole purpose is to harass and intimidate the member on the other side of the room from you,” Corridoni said. “While the Capitol police were forced to pass by the rapper. Green’s accusation of “destroying public property to the US Attorney’s Office, they rejected the accusations and refused to prosecute such a ridiculous accusation.”

Auchincloss staff also participated in the inspection of several CBS employees working on the late Stephen Colbert show at the Longworth Building last Thursday night.

The crew was escorted from the Capitol by security to enter without proper press identification earlier in the day, but re-entered later in the evening.

As Gateway Pundit reported, CBS officials harassed Republican lawmakers as they roamed the federal building an hour later, harassing Republican lawmakers and mocking the families of Jan. 6 inmates who have been held in jail for more than a year without trial.

UPRISING: Colbert officials harassed Republican MPs in the US Capitol after its closure – and also mocked and harassed speakers at a rally for the families of J6 defendants

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