George Michael has been addicted to date with rape drugs, claims shocking new biography

New biography for George Michael shockingly describes the singer’s struggle with dangerous drugs in his last years.

IN Well done! the frontman’s drug use has been publicly known for some time. In 2008, he was arrested for possession of crack cocaine. In August of the following year, Michael was arrested again for another drug-related cause – he was driving under the influence of cannabis and crashed into another car.

IN James GavinHowever, in George’s new book, he states that one of the biggest drugs in George’s life was GHB. The singer’s addiction to drugs dates back many years. He was found “unconscious and muttering” in February 2006 when police knocked on the window of his car, which “stopped diagonally across the roadway”. A search of the vehicle revealed that the aforementioned drug “rape on a date” was with him at the time.

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Gavin claims in his new book that GHB is “more addictive than meta” and “riskier in all its varieties”:

“To Michael, GHB seemed to be sent from heaven. In addition to fueling his sexual obsession, it made a depressed and self-hateful man feel attractive; he brought joy where there was little. GHB gave him confidence in Hampstead Heath and with the most terribly sexy escort. But it also took him to a frighteningly new level of self-destruction. GHB is more addictive than methamphetamine and is more risky in all its forms. ”

It’s so scary to be addicted … it’s also detailed in the biography that the drug was a big part of George’s relationship again, again excluded from Paul Stag – an escort and adult film star who later admitted to supplying him with the substance:

“Michael paid him for both sex and his new drug of choice: GHB. It was called “champagne” in the text messages.

Ellen was said to be delivering the medicine in bottles of travel shampoo, and George was mixing it in a glass of soda. He recalls in the book how the drug nourishes their very active sex lives:

“Suddenly Michael was going to announce, ‘I’m ready now.’ Let’s go and have sex. “

The book also refers to a previous interview with The sun.where Paul said in Another attempt the singer’s mind “drugs are equal to sex, and sex is equal to drugs”.

In May 2014, George’s fight against the substance would worsen. He was found unconscious in a GHB overdose bath – and this was not his first time! He is said to have overdosed on a party drug several times in the past. It’s so sad…

His friends reportedly “asked” him to seek help and rehabilitate for his addiction, but his psychiatrist eventually convinced him. According to the new book, Michael is staying at Kusnacht practice in Switzerland for “most of the year”. And it was an extremely expensive stay!

“[Kusnacht] was the equivalent of an addictive five-star continental resort … costing £ 130,000 a week.

It is estimated that his entire visit cost 1.5 MILLION pounds! Unfortunately, his rehabilitation failed and “George’s old habits returned” with a relapse in 2016. It is speculated that his drug addiction led to his death the same year. GHB makes the consumer crave fatty foods, which he does Last Christmas the singer is gaining weight significantly. Weight gain led him to develop liver disease.

Michael was found dead at age 53 at his boyfriend’s home Fadi Fawaz on Christmas 2016. He was found to have died of heart disease and liver obesity – in which GHB was probably involved in the cause. Such a tragic situation …

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, get in touch SAMSHAThe national toll-free helpline is 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

[Image via YouTube/George Michael]

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