Game of Thrones Spinoff: It Can Be Done! On HBO! With John Snow!

Winter is coming to HBO again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the cable network entered early development in its first sequel to Game of Thrones.

The proposed series will return Keith Harrington to the iconic role of John Snow, the main character in the original drama.

The actor was twice nominated for an Emmy Award for his role as an action hero … who struggles to uphold the noble values ​​of his family in a brutal and violent world.

Game of Thrones largely tells the story of this character, who was created by author George R. R. Martin and who was first thought to be the bastard of Winterfell Lord Ned Stark.

It was then revealed (ATTENTION SPOILER!) to be a descendant of Targaryen as a descendant of Ned’s sister Liana Stark and Reigar Targaryen.

Snow was the rightful heir to the legendary throne of Westeros.

Towards the end of the real thing terrible last season of Game of ThronesJohn kills Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and is exiled to the Night’s Watch.

The last frame of the whole show focuses on Snow, who leads what is left of the Free People in their journey to settle in the free lands.

Two years ago, after Game of Thrones had a very bad ending, Harrington told critics about the way the program ended.

He also pursued them hard.

“How I feel about the show right now is quite challenging.” the star told Esquire in May 2019, explaining in more detail:

“I think no matter what anyone thinks about this season – and I don’t want to sound mean to critics here – but whatever critic spends half an hour writing for this season and does his part [negative] judgment on this, in my head they can do it themselves. “

Why did Harrington feel that way?

“Because I know how much work goes into it.”

John Snow in the Royal Barrel

Since completing eight seasons of Game of Thrones, Harrington has appeared in the Marvel cinematic universe, partnering with Eternals since 2021.

He recently starred in a live production of the Henry V National Theater.

To be clear, this sequel has not yet received the green light from HBO.

No one on the network has commented on the new report.

Meanwhile, the network is moving forward on House of the Dragon, which is the next Game of Thrones TV series.

This is a prehistory that takes place 200 years before the events of the original drama, which focuses on the height of the Targaryen Empire.

In particular, this spinoff will specify the events leading up to and during the Dragon Dance – which was the name that the Westeros poets gave to one of the bloodiest conflicts in the country’s history.

The premiere of House of the Dragon will be on August 21 on HBO.

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