Gal Gadot’s film about Cleopatra can move from Paramount to Universal

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In recent years, there have been numerous attempts to return Cleopatra to the big screen, the latest project involving Gal Gadot. There have been several setbacks since the project was first announced, but Deadline now reports that Cleopatra the movie can jump ship to Universal.

IN Cleopatra the film was set in Paramount Pictures, but Deadline heard that although he was still interested in the project, the studio was “they are not prepared to fulfill the timeline required by the creative elements.“Universal Pictures is now touring the project, but Deadline notes that there are currently no deals. It was originally supposed to be directed by Patti Jenkins Cleopatra film, but she has since retired and been replaced by Carrie Skogland (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier). Laeta Kalogridis (COM)Tent Island) has written the screenplay and will also be executive producer with Pat Jenkins, Gal Gadot, Jaron Varsano and Charles Rowan.

Gadot was a little annoyed Cleopatra movie while talking to With style earlier this year. “I can’t reveal much, but I can tell you that we will celebrate the story of Cleopatra,Said Gadot. “We will show not only how sexy and attractive she was, but also how strategic and smart she was, and how much influence she had and still has on the world we live in today. I’ve seen all the Cleopatra movies all over the story, but I have a feeling we’re telling a story that the world needs to hear now.The greatest version of Cleopatra’s history is undoubtedly the 1963 version starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Filming took years to complete and the huge budget almost bankrupted the studio, but the results are amazing. The sheer extravagance of the sets and costumes, not to mention the thousands of extras that fill the screen, make it a viewing experience.

Gal Gal Gadot recently starred in Kenneth Branagh’s film Death of Neil and then will play on The evil queen in Disney action Snow White a film starring Rachel Zegler.

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