Frustrated drivers blocked on a busy road take matters into their own hands and pull protesters off the road

We have all seen these protests, in which left-wing agitators fill the roads with demonstrators, block cars and close the streets. But this time, motorists in Rome would not just sit back and let their lives be ruined by left-wing protesters.

How many times have you watched these roadblocks protests, and wondered why drivers just don’t get out of their cars en masse and start physically dragging screaming protesters off the road?

Well, drivers in Rome did just that this month when members of the extremist group on climate change Extinction Rebellion attacked the Grande Raccordo Alulare – or simply “Raccordo” – Rome’s main ring road and one of the busiest, such as the United Kingdom Daily Mail described it.

Members of the extremist group jumped on a busy road on Thursday in rows of corpses and sports banners to protest against policies on radical climate change, the Daily Mail reported.

Protesters have been backing up traffic for miles, winding back miles using the same roadblocking tactics seen around the world – including here in USA

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Of course, there were no police anywhere.

But in the end, the angry drivers got tired of the nonsense and took matters into their own hands.

Drivers began to jump out of their cars and began physically dragging grumbling protesters off the road to allow traffic to resume, the Daily Mail reported.

The video of the incident shows an angry driver snatching banners from the hands of protesters who were sitting cross-legged on the sidewalk, then returning to the line of people and physically snatching them from the road.

Naturally, as soon as they were abducted, the demonstrators jumped up and returned to sit on the road.

And yet, every time enough space became available, cars began to pass through gaps in the ranks of the protesters.

The dance between angry drivers and destructive protesters continued for some time, until police finally arrived to prevent re-attacks on protesters on the roads.

Eventually, federal police and local special forces grabbed the destroyers and arrested them, the Daily Mail reported.

It is strange that these useless protests are not broken more often by angry drivers. In fact, it is surprising that in most countries where these disturbances have taken place, drivers have simply sat humbly and allowed protesters to continue their stupidity without worry.

In most cases, protest is a time-tested way for people to hear their voices in democratic nations. And most people – whether in Europe, Israel, Canada or the United States – respect the right to protest.

But such seats certainly do not help the cause, for sure. Instead of making people stop and consider the focus of the protest, all it does is make people angry and despise the protest, the protesters and their cause du jour.

Protesters always follow a fine line between their cause to be heard and respected and their actions, which provoke the exact opposite response. Especially when they turn to violence.

Fortunately, this particular protest in Rome did not turn violent. But at least one US state has taken steps to ban violent protests.

As early as 2020, the governor of Florida. Ron DeSantis suggested legislation that would impose criminal penalties on anyone who damages property, causes injury or destroys public property during a protest. Until this year, the bill was passed signed by law.

Nevertheless, more drivers can be expected to respond to these types of protests, as drivers in Rome have just done. And in the end, someone will get seriously hurt.

This article originally appeared on Western Journal.

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