Fourth of July weekend Airmageddon: More than 10,000 flights delayed, hundreds canceled

More than 10,000 flights were delayed and a total of nearly 1,000 were canceled this holiday weekend.

An estimated 20% of flights were delayed and 2.8% canceled – a staggering number of flight cancellations and delays due to staff shortages, but Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg has remained silent.

Here’s a breakdown of canceled and delayed flights for the entire Fourth of July weekend:

More than 300 flights were canceled in the US by Thursday evening as the airline industry prepared for “Airmageddon” on July 4.

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By Saturday afternoon more than 600 flights have been cancelled and another 5,893 were delayed — that means 28.8% of all flights were either canceled or delayed.

An additional 900 flights were delayed and more than 200 canceled as of Sunday afternoon.

CNBC reported for Monday cancellations:

US airline delays eased Monday as the weather improved, a relief for travelers and airlines as the July 4 holiday weekend winds down.

As of Monday afternoon, about 1,200 U.S. flights had been delayed and 183 canceled, down from nearly 4,700 delays and more than 300 cancellations a day earlier, according to flight-tracking site FlightAware.

This year through July 3, 2.8 percent of the more than 4.1 million flights scheduled by U.S. airlines were canceled, compared with 2.1 percent of the more than 4.74 million flights scheduled for the same period, according to FlightAware. And so far this year, 20.2% of flights have been delayed, compared to 16.7%.

about one-fifth of US airline flights were delayed and 2.8% canceled, compared to 2.1% canceled during the same period in 2019.

Buttigieg gave a weak response on Saturday and hasn’t said a word about Airmageddon since.

Pete Buttigieg attacks the private airline industry.

Instead of actually solving the ongoing problem plaguing the US airline industry, Pete Buttigieg told disgruntled passengers they were entitled to an immediate refund if their flight was cancelled.

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