For now, Pakistan remains on the FATF’s “gray list”, but is close to a possible exit

ISLAMABAD: In the event of a delay for Pakistan, the global body monitoring terrorism, FATFhas approved a site visit to Pakistan to test its actions against terrorist financing and money laundering. Pakistan will remain on the gray or enlarged watch list for the time being, although a site visit is seen as a first step towards its removal.
Members of former Prime Minister Imran Khan-led Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) credited the FATF with Friday’s announcement that Pakistan had implemented all 34 points of two separate action plans paving the way for the country to be removed from the gray list. the guard dog.
The Global Monitoring Authority for Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing said in a statement that Pakistan would be removed from the gray list if the on-site visit was successful.
“Pakistan’s continued political commitment to the fight against both terrorist financing and money laundering has led to significant progress. In particular, Pakistan has demonstrated that TF investigations and prosecutions (terrorist financing) are aimed at senior leaders and commanders of UN-designated terrorist groups, and that there has been a positive result in the trend of increasing investigations and prosecutions of money (money laundering) prosecuted in Pakistan, in accordance with Pakistan’s risk profile. In addition, Pakistan has also largely met its 2021 action plan ahead of schedule, “the global body said in a statement. There was no response from the Indian Development Government.
After the development, the former prime minister Imran Khan “The FATF has repeatedly praised the work and political will that my government has demonstrated.”
He said that when the PTI government came to power in 2018, it was faced with the “direct prospect of being blacklisted” by the body, adding that the history of compliance with the FATF was also unfavorable.
“I have set up a FATF coordination committee headed by a key minister Hamad Azhar. The committee was represented by all government agencies and security agencies related to our FATF action plan. “Officers worked day and night at first instance to avoid the blacklist,” Hahn said.
“The FATF has repeatedly praised the work and political will demonstrated by my government. We not only prevented the blacklist, but also completed 32 of the 34 actions. In April, we sent a report on the compliance of the other two elements, on the basis of which the FATF has already announced Pakistan’s action plan completed, “he added.
Hamad Azhar shared a photo of himself with officers, saying Pakistan’s hard work in completing the 34 operations was the result of “working in a team of officers who worked day and night in various government departments. They are the real heroes! ”
Former Minister of Finance Shaukat Tarin said the “removal” is another feather in the hat of Hamad Azhar, who was the former energy minister and also the supreme coordinator of the return for efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.
When he is Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Har, who represented the Pakistan team at the last FATF plenary session in Berlin, was asked how much credit she would give to the previous government, she replied: “Whoever wants to take a loan can do it. “Our job is to work for Pakistan, we will continue to work and we don’t care who gets the loan and who doesn’t.
Meanwhile, the ruling Twitter of the ruling PML-N has criticized the previous PTI government for diplomatically isolating Pakistan, and has faced various economic sanctions.
He added, however, that now nations around the world have agreed to restore relations and global confidence in Pakistan is being restored.

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