Finding coupons leads to a trip to clear lake for teens in pennsylvania | Cerro Gordo County

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa – The next time you’re emptying your wallet or purse, take a close look at these cards and coupons. They can be very valuable.

Pennsylvania teenager Colton Marley found a coupon in his wallet good for a small McCafe drink that didn’t have an expiration date because he’d had it for several years. How he got hold of it is a complete mystery.

“The strange thing is that it was only available in three locations in the U.S., the closest being Clear Lake, Iowa,” Marley said.

The discovery got his friends Trey Hickson, Eli Peele and Jonah Smeltzer thinking.

“We’ve always joked that one day we’re going to go out and do it, but I guess here we are,” Hixon said.

“I think you were the first to joke about it two years ago,” Peele added.

“I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny to go there for our senior trip?'” Hickson said.

That idea became a reality earlier this week when Marley and his friends loaded up their car and drove 13 hours from the Pittsburgh area to Clear Lake to redeem it, where it was accepted. To add to the moment, all four were dressed in suits and ties, and there was a tablecloth and an artificial candle on their table.

“We drove 13 hours, so why not?” Peele said.

There were also stops along the way, including a Billy Joel concert in Indiana, a stop at the I-80 Truck Stop near Davenport, and a tour of the Surf Ballroom. It’s a trip none of them will ever forget.

“Everyone here has been super nice and we’ve loved it,” Hickson said.

“It’s a great city, we loved everything about it,” Peele added.

“We didn’t fully expect it, but it’s a beautiful city. We enjoyed it,” Hickson noted.

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