Family members of detainees at the City Justice Center are raising new concerns

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – In the last year and a half, the City Justice Center (CJC) saw uprisings, battles, broken locks, etc. Now the family members of the detainees are coming out with new fears.

“These are still people and they deserve the basic human things to keep them alive,” said Brandi Chance.

This is Chance’s request to the public and to St. Leaders of Louis City. She said one of her family members, whom we choose not to identify, had been at the CJC for more than six months.

“Problems have always been there. “I would say they have gotten much worse, progressively, over the last three months,” Chance said.

Chance said he has a long list of problems at the CJC. That list, she said, includes detainees who do not have proper cleaning or hygiene items, detainees held in their cells for 23 hours a day, and phones used to call relatives who work inconsistently. Her biggest concern, she said, was the long wait for medical staff to see the detainees.

“Several times a week, prisoners are unable to receive their regular medication, and for some people, such as diabetics … skipping these medications can be critical,” Chance said.

Chance said he believed most of these problems stemmed from staff shortages. Right now all St. Detainees in Louis City are being held at the CJC Center. City officials are telling us that there are no detainees housed at the Medium Security Institution (MSI). Other leaders tell us that the prison lacks nearly 80 correctional officers. Chance claims that the city is also missing.

“Things could have been done better and differently so that we could improve so far, within two years. “They know the problems and they need to know how they can be fixed,” Chance said.

News 4 asked the city and the prison commissioner for an interview to address these concerns. We have been told that due to ongoing litigation, neither will be interviewing about the prison. This is despite the fact that these city officials have been active for years. Instead, the following statement was sent to us:

“St. Luis The Corrections Department always strives to be fair, firm and consistent in providing care and custody. The health and safety of our detainees and staff have always been our top priority. ”

Chance said he believes ordinary citizens should be concerned as their taxes fund the prison.

“They deserve to know that their hard-earned money is being used properly and what it is intended to be used for, and that is not shown by what we see at the moment,” Chance added.

We contacted Arch City Defenders several times, who are suing the city for the prison, but we never received a response.

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