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Many smartphone companies and operators offer subscriptions to provide you with a new phone. But they all have a few things in common. Sooner or later these plans will become more expensive and the goal is to change your phone often (two years or sooner!). Fairphone on new subscription plan counteracts both tendencies.

Fairphone, which makes a smartphone “sustainable”, is proud to be environmentally friendly. Fairphone 4 is modular and you can replace the cameras, USB-C port, battery and even the display. You will not find glue or other tactics that make repairs difficult. Fairphone even uses Fairtrade-certified gold, ethically produced aluminum, tungsten, recycled tin, rare earth minerals and plastics.

Now Fairphone is breaking with tradition with its new subscription plan. Like most subscription plans, you pay a small amount in advance and then more each month when you use the phone. But most smartphone plans offer upgrades to a new model every year or two, leading to more potential e-waste. There is probably a lot of life left on your annual phone, but now it is out of your hands and who knows where.

The new Fairphone Easy plans still charge you a small monthly fee of € 21.00. But the longer you hold the phone, the lower the price. After the first year you get 1 euro discount, followed by 2 euros in the second year and 8 euros in the third year. The subscription plan also includes free repairs for anything other than water damage or misuse, including one free screen change per year.

In general, you will probably still pay more than buying a Fairphone 4 in advance, but this is true for most subscription plans and you don’t have to get a free repair without a subscription (although the Fairphone 4 comes with a five-year warranty).

Unfortunately, Fairphone 4 is not available in the US (at least not yet) and as such the subscription plan is only available in Europe. But the concept is strong and it will be interesting to see if other companies will take a note and copy it.

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