F1 News: Carlos Sainz thinks his Ferrari is “good enough to fight the two Red Bulls and try to fight for victory” at the F1 Canadian GP 2022

Although he was unlucky this season, Carlos Sainz is optimistic about Ferrari’s potential to challenge Red Bull. 2022 Canadian Grand Prix. However, the Spaniard remains optimistic suffering from DNF due to hydraulic problems last weekend in Azerbaijan.

Asked about his chances of securing his first victory in Montreal at the drivers’ press conference before the Canadian Grand Prix, the Ferrari driver said:

“J.yes i think the good thing about this year is that every chain we go to has a chance to win which is something inever before in his career. And again we come to Canada and I think the car will be good enough to fight the two Red Bulls and try to fight for victory, which is a great feeling. And something you as a driver want to have for as many years of your career as possible. The fact that it’s a Ferrari makes it even better.

He added:

“Tthe fact that every morning there are more than 50 people, 100 people at the door of my hotel waiting there to cheer me up and wish me luck for the day, I give a few autographs, take a few pictures, I think this is one of the beauties to be a Ferrari driver that I will never forget and will always take with me because it is a great experience.

Carlos Sainz has suffered DNF in three of his last eight races this season and is currently fifth in Ranking of pilots with 83 points in his name.

Carlos Sainz admits that 2022 “was not an easy year” for him, but is optimistic about the future with Ferrari

Carlos Sainz, who finished the 2021 season before his teammate Charles Leclerc, is not so lucky this year. He pursues his own first victory in the competition for some time, but despite the poor results so far, he is optimistic that victory will come “sooner or later”. He said:

“Aabout the year, yes, it wasn’t an easy year for me, it’s not a secret, but I’ve already talked about it so much that I think you know why and why I went through some struggles with this annual car and why I don’t perform at the level I I would like to be, and I don’t feel as comfortable as I did last year when I was at the door with Charles [Leclerc]so it will come and I have the feeling that I have some progress and I think that sooner or later it will come.

The Ferrari driver remained in the top three in both free practice sessions in Canada on Friday, reflecting a positive result for the team.

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