“F *** OFF” – Congresswoman Val Demings, who grabs a weapon, loses it when she faces Laura Lumer

On Friday afternoon, congressional candidate and investigative journalist Laura Lumer called on Congresswoman Val Demings for being an irresponsible gun owner during Demings’ appearance in the conservative enclave of The Villages in Lake County during her United States campaign event.

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Demings, who was chief impeachment manager for President Donald J.’s first false impeachment. Trump, in disgrace, had her own firearm and traffic kit stolen from her unlocked vehicle in a gated community outside of Orlando when she was chief of police for the Orlando Police Department.

Congresswoman Demings has also consistently backed unconstitutional gun laws 2A, which penalize law-abiding gun owners, including recent Democrat-backed plans to restrict access to firearms for law-abiding U.S. citizens. The mainstream media and elected Democrats have never held Demings responsible for her failure to secure the proper firearms issued by her department, which were never recovered more than a decade later.

Demings was eventually blamed for her lack of firearms safety, but is now the leading Democratic candidate in the United States Senate against incumbent Republican Sen. Marco Rubio in the 2022 by-elections.

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Lumer, who is running against Never-Trump GOP career politician Dan Webster in the 11th district of Florida, which now includes Congresswoman Val Demings Windermere, caught Demings getting off his Harley Davidson motorcycle when he arrived at a Democrat event at The Villages in the middle of Friday afternoon.

Demings was so angry with Lumer that he told the reporter to “REMOVE” before entering the United States Senate campaign.

Congresswoman Val Demings had her own firearm issued by the police, and God knows what else, robbed by a car unlocked from her unlocked vehicle in her luxury gated community when she was chief of police at the Orlando Police Department.

She now insists on confiscating firearms from responsible and law-abiding gun owners. She can ride her starter Harley Davidson as much as she wants, but people in Florida can clearly see the madness of her hypocrisy. Given that Val Demings lives in Windermere, I will be her next congressman.

Unlike Val Demings, I will fight for the rights of our God given by the 2nd Amendment. Isn’t it funny how I can’t own a firearm or get a concealed carry because former FBI Director James Comey put a red flag on me after I confronted him in New York, but somehow to the irresponsible gun owner Val Is Demings allowed to violate the US Constitution and confiscate weapons from law-abiding gun owners?

This is a master class on complete idiocy and communism, which is spreading in the Democratic Party, and I have a mission to stop it! As the next congresswoman in the 11th district of Florida, I will always fight against the unconstitutional seizure of weapons by Democrats!

Lumer’s opponent failed to show up to vote in favor of the January 6 Soviet-style committee, and also failed to acknowledge how the 2020 campaign was indeed stolen by President Donald J. Trump.

Dan Webster refrained from electoral fraud in 2020 during a GOP dinner

The primary election in Florida is on August 23, where Laura Lumer will face Congresswoman Daniel Webster, who has been elected since 1980.

To learn more about Laura Lumer’s campaign, you can visit her website by clicking here.

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