Ezra Miller is likely to be replaced in future films

Flash, Ezra Miller, has been arrested

With more and more disturbing claims around Ezra Miller, who appears daily, the actor has become a huge headache for new Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav. Sources tell Deadline that even if the movie is released (tuned to June 23, 2023) continues, Miller is likely to be replaced in the role in the future Flash movies. The report notes this The lightning is considered a huge priority for the WB, hoping to be the type of film that will help DCU grow to MCU levels, and boasts the long-awaited return of Michael Keaton as Batman. But now the studio is left with a $ 200 million film, tainted by the star’s unstable (at least) behavior, which leaves them in trouble.

According to the report, WB has tried to get Miller’s help, but now it is rumored that Zaslav is assessing his options, which are as follows according to the deadline:

He could withdraw from actively promoting the film from the summer of 2023, limiting it to some P&A and no public tour. Or he can stream it to HBO Max and take a write-off. Or lean on making the movie a hit and then play Miller if they can’t fix things.

Perhaps the most telling phrase in history is “Sources said that even if there were no more accusations, the studio would probably not keep Miller in the role of Flash in future DC films.”

Indeed, it sounds as if things will develop, Miller is out The lightning, although there is little or no chance for the studio to drop a $ 200 million film or shoot it again. It seems unlikely that WB will take the recording and release it on HBO Max, so the theatrical performance, perhaps without a press tour, seems like a given. However, the accusations are coming quickly and soon the WB will be forced to make a public statement about Miller’s future at DCU, which does not look very promising.

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