Executive Director for e-commerce delivery among 4 detainees for ATM fraud

Noida police said on Saturday that they had arrested four men, including the chief executive of e-commerce companies, who allegedly cheated dozens of people by fraudulently exchanging their debit cards on the pretext of helping them withdraw. of ATM money.

Additional Deputy Police Commissioner (Noida) Ranwijay Singh said the defendants, who have been working as a gang since 2019, will also clone ATM cards from gullible people using skimmers.

Police said they seized 42 ATM cards, 41 Aadhaar cards and 13 mobile phones from the gang’s possession and estimated that the fraud they committed could cost billions of rupees, but the exact details of the finances are being established.

The gang was broken up by police officers in Sector 58 under the supervision of ACP (Noida 2) Rajnish Verma, Singh said, adding that the group’s organizer had been identified but was at large.

“One person, Jai Prakash Verma, was arrested first and when he was checked, his bank account showed transactions of Rs 34.50 lakh in the last two years, which raised suspicions about his activities. The matter has been investigated and three others linked to him have also been detained, “Singh told reporters.

Police said the gang had three ways to defraud people.

“They were standing in front of an ATM pavilion, waiting for a gullible person to come and withdraw. There, under the pretext of helping the person, they mark their PIN code and secretly exchange their ATM card with their own. “Later, they would withdraw money using a stolen ATM card,” Singh said.

“The gang also had ATM cloning machines that they used to clone cards. “They would not only use cloned cards to withdraw money illegally, but also use the bank accounts of target people to make financial transactions,” the official said.

Developing the third method, Verma said: “One of the defendants, Jai Prakash, worked as the executive director of procurement for e-commerce companies. During the delivery of items, he carried cloning machines and insisted on removing customers’ payment cards. ACP has also warned people to be cautious when making financial transactions with strangers or online.

Singh, meanwhile, said police also found some fake Aadhaar cards from the defendants, which were used to open bank accounts to facilitate fraudulent transactions.

Police found 42 ATMs that had transactions ranging from 34 to 35 lakh rupees each, suggesting a large-scale fraud by the gang whose data is being investigated.

The detainees have been identified as Jai Prakash Verma, Armaan, Tito Das and Niraj Kumar, police said.

The FIR was filed under sections 420 (fraud), 467, 468 and 471 (related to forgery), 120B (criminal conspiracy), while the defendants were also convicted under the provisions of the Information Technology Act, police added.

Police called on people to immediately report cyber fraud to the special hotline number 1930 or 112.

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