Ex-BBC Radio Presenter Alex Belfield Convicted of Stalking 4 TV Operators – Deadline

A former local BBC radio presenter has been found guilty of stalking four people, including TV and radio broadcaster Jeremy Vine.

Alex Belfield, who now broadcasts on his own YouTube channel, was found guilty of four counts of stalking at Nottingham Crown Court

In his testimony, Vine called Belfield the “Jimmy Savile of trolling”, referring to the later disgraced BBC presenter, whose alleged hundreds of abuse victims during his long career came to light after his death.

Vine, who has a BBC radio show and a Channel 5 TV show, said Belfield campaigned on abuse through social media and YouTube. He added: “I’ve had a physical stalker follow me around in the past. It’s a picnic compared to this guy. It’s like an avalanche of hate that hits you.”

BBC Radio Northampton presenter Bernie Keith told the court he felt suicidal at what he called a “tsunami of hate” at Belfield.

Belfield’s contract with BBC Radio Leeds expired in 2011. He chose not to give evidence at his trial. He previously claimed he was the victim of a “witch hunt” and “stacking” by other broadcasters. He was granted bail and will be sentenced next month.

His YouTube channel is titled “Voice of Reason”, although he has been suspended from the platform more than once.

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