Evolution Earth Green illuminated by PBS, ARTE, Sky Nature and Love Nature – deadline

Evolution of the Earth“Illuminated in green by PBSART, Heavenly nature and Love nature

PBS, ARTE, Sky Nature and Love Nature have joined forces in a natural history series, Evolution of the Earth, revealing how animals adapt to our changing planet and evolve before our eyes. The five-part will debut on the global linear and streaming platforms of Love Nature and Sky Nature in the UK and Italy. PBS will premiere the series in the United States, and ARTE will air in France and Germany. Produced by Passion Planet, the show is filmed in extreme locations around the world and immerses itself in the ingenuity of wildlife to adapt to larger storms, longer droughts and warming oceans, for example, while showing how people can to have to adapt to global changes around us. With numerous co-production partners, this is proof of how natural history programming is evolving. Blue ant International is distributing out-of-service areas, with EVP Solange Atwood calling the show “timely consideration of important nature and wildlife issues that audiences around the world are looking for.”

ITV orders the Duchess of Cornwall doc

ITV gained exclusive access to the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles and her stay as a guest editor at Rural life a magazine to mark her 75th birthday. IN Camilla’s rural life (working title), The Duchess’s attempt to watch the 125th edition of the iconic magazine will be presented as she reveals her love for the British countryside and the people and places that shaped it. To compile the publication, HRH invited guest writers to discover her passions, reveal her personal champions in the countryside and meet the people who run charities and advocate for causes she holds dear.

Sky unveils a $ 1.2 million project for the Black Equity Organization

Sky unveils £ 1m ($ 1.2m) partnership with newly formed British civil rights group Black Equity Organization (BEO) to provide the Future 100 Growth Fund, supporting black British entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. As BEO’s first official program partner, Sky will provide funding and support for three years to help overcome the barriers faced by young black entrepreneurs in the UK in setting up a business. The move includes part of Sky’s £ 30 million ($ 36.7 million) fund to support the fight against racial injustice, which was forged during the Black Lives Matter movement two years ago. “At Sky, we want to share our platform and ability to create lasting change for black British entrepreneurs,” said Sky Group CEO Dana Strong. “We are happy to work with BEO to provide direct assistance and advice.”

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