Everyone is ready to die on this hill in the first trailer of Stranger Things 4 Volume 2

Although music played a surprisingly important role in the first half of on Netflix Strange things 4volume 1 actually failed to give Eddie Manson sick guitar which was presented in the earliest trailers for this season. In the first teaser for Stranger Things, Volume 2however, the departing king of the Hawkins High Club finally gets his ax just in time for an epic battle at Upside Down.

Stranger Things 4 vol. 1 finally revealed the origins of Windows, the malicious presence that has threatened Hawkins for years, and found that Eleven and her friends were indeed one of the only groups capable of bringing the creature down as it tried to enter their world upside down. In the new trailer, everyone feels the pressure as they return to Hawkins, armed with new knowledge of what they face and how serious the danger that Vekna poses. Although Dr. Martin Brenner is not sure that Eleven’s newly restored strength is enough to confront the first of her superhuman species, Vekna’s approach leaves her with no choice but to return to her hometown to confront him.

The trailer does not clarify when and how Eleven will reconnect with its allies this season, but includes glimpses of all of them embarking on Upside Down, presumably to defeat Vecna ​​in submission to the power of Kate Bush’s music. While Max’s footage suggests she will play a role in removing the demon, the focus on Eddie, who stumbles upon a guitar, strongly suggests that when Stranger Things 4 vol. 2 coming out on Netflix on July 1, the epic battle he’s building for will be a hell of a jam session.

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