Eva Mendes is stunning in photos from a vacation in Greece

Eva Mendes logged in to Instagram to post photos of her vacation Greece and the fans could not thank her enough to bless the world with her beauty.

The actress recently took a vacation in Greece with her husband Ryan Gosling and her two daughters, Esmeralda, who is seven years old, and Amada, who is six years old.

In the photo, Eva is sitting in front of a Greek home with a very traditional and aesthetically pleasing look, but nothing was more enjoyable to see in the photo than Eva herself.


The actress wore a hat on her head, a gorgeous summer dress with patterns, and under it a very flattering green swimsuit, which emphasized his perfectly tight figure. Eva sat in the beautiful Greek sunlight and enjoyed her fame as fans went crazy in the comments section of the post.

“Enjoy your holidays Eva. You look stunning, as always “kissed by the sun”,

“I love this !!! You look wonderful. I hope you and your little family enjoy your trip.”

These were just some of the comments below the beautiful photo.

Of course, the family has something to celebrate, as it was only recently announced that Eva’s husband Ryan Gosling will play Ken in the upcoming live action Barbie movie. Ryan’s first glance as Ken recently missed and shattered the internet with fans going crazy over him.

Eva herself was quite happy with the result. She posted a photo of her husband in Ken’s appearance with a caption below it that read: “Yes. F. Funny. Yes. F. Good. So I’m excited to see this # Thatsmyken. “

The role, whether you like it or hate it, is iconic and it was amazing to see Eva in her husband’s corner, as always. People in the comments section once again praised the couple and the mother of two children. saying, “I love how much you support each other !!!!!! My beloved couple, I can’t wait to see this movie.”

Barbie’s action will hit theaters next year. For now, however, it’s time for the family to rest.

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