“Equal time means sitting on your lying ass in a witness chair”

Representative Eric Swwell looks just as fed up with Donald Trump’s endless whining and lies as the rest of the country. On Thursday, in response to Truth Social’s social whining: “I want equal time!” The California Democrat replied: “Equal time means sitting your ass lying on a witness chair. We will wait. “

Donald Trump does not have the courage to testify under oath. Trump plays the victim – AGAIN – because of his easy assessments. He crushes them all for his next scam so they can hand over the $ 10.00 they have left over the weekend to this cowardly loser who could be heard at the hearing.

… Only if he had the courage to appear.

The problem for Trump is that he can’t show up because he will certainly lie under oath, and that would allow the commission, and perhaps even the Justice Department, to attack him for easy access.

Donald Trump is a coward. In contrast, Mike Pence – as disgusting as his policies – saved this country, although he should never have been allowed to hold office again because he had waited so long to speak.

“We are lucky for Mr. Pence’s courage on January 6, our democracy came dangerously close to disaster. This courage put him in great danger. When he made it clear that he would not yield to Donald Trump’s scheme, Donald Trump turned the crowd against him … The crowd that had built the gallows on the gallows, “said President Thompson at the beginning.

Mike Pence is a patriot and brave man who opposed the gallows because he told Donald Trump’s illegal and unpatriotic scheme to throw more than 80 million Americans in the trash.

Donald Trump is a frightened little liar who uses his big lie to further deceive his followers. Donald Trump portrays a “strong man”, but he is a grumpy coward with his hands in the wallets of his supporters because he cannot maintain his lifestyle in an honest way.

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